• This course covers the design of steel bridges in general with emphasis on bridge systems commonly used to cover short and moderate spans, namely plate grider bridges, box girder bridges, and truss bridges. the course is intended for senior year college students in structural and civil engineering and practicing bridge engineers.
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  • This course covers the basics of applied concrete mix design. It covers, also, the aspects of the mechanical behaviour of concrete and how it is affected by factors such as : age, rate of loading, strength and stress state. The course discusses the long term deformations of concrete. The different types of cracks and their causes are discussed as well.  
  • This course has been assigned for the steel structures graduation project of the 4th Year Civil Engineering
  • Understand the fundamental structural behavior, analysis and design of prestressed concrete members subjected to a variety of loading conditions. Prestressed concrete is essentially reinforced concrete in which steel reinforcement is tensioned against the concrete, thereby introducing compression in concrete and hence overcoming the tensile weakness of concrete relative to its compressive strength.

    The various topics include prestressing systems, flexural behavior using actual material constitutive relationships; shear analysis; behavior of members subjected to combined loadings; torsion; serviceability requirements including prestress loss, deflection and ductility; indeterminate prestressed concrete structures; anchorage zones.
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  • Elective Course for 4th Year Civil

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