• The purpose of this module is to provide students from all back grounds with the necessary foundation needed to understand materials performance in energy applications.

    We shall understand why a selective absorber is used to absorb solar energy radiation and transform it to thermal energy, also we shall learn how do photo-voltaics transfrom solar energy into electrical energy, etc..

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  • A REMENA Course. Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency for the MENA Region (REMENA). Intercultural Competencies: Basics for Intercultural Understanding and Communication

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  • Objectives:

    • To learn fundamental algorithms and basic concepts of continuous optimization.
    • To recognize the applicability of the optimization algorithms with their requirements and computational costs.
    • To discover the wide application of optimization techniques in engineering areas such as control systems, estimation and signal processing, communications and networks, circuit design, data analysis and modeling, statistics as well as other areas such as medicine and finance.
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  • Course Objectives:

    1. Providing theoretical and practical know-how for those working cross cultural issues
    2. Define targeted behavioural or attitudinal changes in MC environment
    3. Building interpersonal relationships
    4. Addressing MC needs in the work place
    5. Showing how can MC be managed, and impact business by Developing awareness to improve conflict prevention & resolution
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  • Nonlinear Programming (Optimization)

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  • Technical Writing for Engineers is a required course for MSC students in the Faculty of Engineering.

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  • Free software tools and online resources to help you do school work (and other work!) outside of school.

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