• Advanced Digital Communication
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  • Review on Vector Analysis for Field Theory, Static Electric Fields, Electric Potential, Electric Permittivity, Capacitance, Electric Energy and Force, Poisson's and Laplace's Equations, Steady Electric Currents, Equation of Continuity, Static Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Vector Potential, Magnetic Field Intensity, Magnetic Permeability, Inductance, Magnetic Energy and Force

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  • This course is split into two parts:
    Part I (Antenna Engineering): introduces students to antennas, their fundamental parameters, some common types, analysis techniques, antenna arrays, and microwave link design.
    Part II (Optical Engineering): introduces students to fundamentals of lasers and their theory of operation
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  • This course introduces students to antennas starting with the concept of radiation, the fundamental antenna parameters, antennas in receiving mode, antenna types and analysis techniques and ending with antenna arrays and microwave link design.

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  • This course introduces students to microwave engineering starting with an introduction to guided-wave structures, transmission line theory, matching techniques, microwave network analysis, and ending with examples of microwave passive devices.
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